Stages of a project carried out in a remote form, without leaving home

  1. Project order

    We welcome your inquiries at the email address: Project valuation: for the entire premises, we use average prices per m2. Individual rooms are priced individually, depending on their size and design complexity.

  2. Aesthetic needs and preferences survey – the basis of our work.

    You complete a detailed survey regarding the needs in terms of equipment and functionality of the apartment and its visual aspects. Thanks to the survey, we can offer the best solutions in the field of space arrangement.

  3. Inventory of space

    Inventory of premises is made by the client based on our instructions. In practice, it is not difficult – we send instructions how to make the necessary measurements step by step. We also rely on existing documentation, e.g. a flat project from a developer. Photos of the place are also useful. Before measuring, we verify the scope of items to be inventoried, it may also turn out that the detail of the existing documentation is sufficient to complete the project.

  4. Discussion of the result of the survey based on inventory

    Meeting in a remote form using a video chat platform or a phone call. Together we discuss the results of the survey and the pros and cons of selected solutions based on inventory, i.e. we decide what solutions are possible in the existing premises..

  5. Preparation of three functional layout proposals

    The guidelines from the survey findings are the basis for the preparation of 3 functional layout proposals, in the form of 2d views. The basis for the space plan is an inventory and / or technical documentation.

  6. Performing a visualization for the selected functional system

    We prepare visualizations in accordance with the reported preferences. After submitting the first proposal, there is time to comment and amend the projects.

  7. Implementation of a detailed design

    We make detailed designs for the selected version of the conceptual design. Our designers develop full documentation necessary for repair and carpentry teams. You can also entrust us with the entire implementation work.

  8. Performance of the frame cost estimate of the equipment used in the project

We are aware of the importance of the budget planning role of each investment. As part of the project, we provide a framework cost estimate, with equipment used that will allow cost estimation.

We remain at your disposal throughout the whole process. We encourage you to contact us and ask questions. Remote design by Fusion Design does not mean giving up an individual approach to interior design. The only difference is meetings in the form of video conferences. It is customary to forward most projects electronically. So – by staying at home – you still have a real impact on the entire design process and the final result.

We specialize in comprehensive interior design and we encourage our clients to take this approach. Professional and complete documentation provides clear guidelines for contractors and is the basis for the implementation of work. At the same time, if you still want to limit the scope of the project, e.g. by resigning from visualization or detailed designs, we adapt the offer to your requirements – we are flexible in the approach to the entire interior design process.