The interior architect is responsible for the reconstruction of the space,
including all solid elements.

He usually works with architects (with unlimited permissions) and installation specialists. The purpose of its operation is primarily to change the layout of the space to a more functional one, taking into account the provisions of the Building Law. The person providing services in this area has knowledge of various techniques and materials used in the finishing of the rooms. He knows the details and architectural styles.

The designer is responsible for arranging the space in an aesthetic and functional way. His decisions affect the final appearance of the room. He chooses furniture and decorations, wall colors, curtains, cushion fabrics, etc. Ergonomics and safety. Has knowledge of the specific characteristics of various materials and selects all components to form a coherent whole. It creates a mood in the rooms also by lighting. Selects the light intensity and appropriately arranges the luminaires in the building.

The professions of architect and interior designer complement each other. The cooperation allows us to create a usable space with an optimally planned arrangement of elements and aesthetic.